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Training & Development

Your staff are the heart and soul of your business. And we understand the challenges of attracting, training and maintaining a team that puts your best face forward to your guests. Whether your business is interviewing for a startup crew, learning the ropes of a new POS, training your staff on the importance of food safety and sanitation or keeping current on menu trends and profitability, our consultants have the background and experience to design and implement the systems that will help keep your operation running smoothly. 

Brian Kowtko: With over 20 years in professional kitchens, Brian has developed the management and leadership skills to keep your food service operation running smoothly. His passion for work flow logistics and organizational strategies will improve efficiency and limit waste in the Back of House. And, as a Certified ServSafe Instructor, Brian can carefully guide your staff in curbing the bad habits that can ding your good reputation and place your business at risk. 

Jenna Cyr: Jenna brings our team decades of Front of House management experience, including fine dining, casual service and an extensive knowledge of wine and beverage program development. She understands the demands of seamless service and is a capable leader in staff training and customer appreciation. Her natural ability with new Point of Sale systems makes her invaluable at communicating new software setup and menu redesigns to limit server errors and improve Front of House efficiency.

Jeremy Sossei: Jeremy comes to us from one of the busiest and most successful Bar programs in Portland, ME. His years of experience at keeping beverage offerings relevant, updated and on budget make him the ideal choice to consult on beverage program decisions for your business. From Local Craft Beers to crowd pleasing and creative Cocktails, his know how will not only help update your bar offerings, but will also clear away costly clutter that can weigh down your bottom line.  

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